Wheel of Life Assessment

Another very busy week.

You thought last week was good.  You really need to see this new plugin!  Developed on the base of Life Assessment One this plugin takes more coaching insights from Tony Robbins and helps you gather new clients or you can assess the progress of your existing clients. Take a look at this!

We need your name and email address to send you results!

Why do you want this plugin on your website?

Imagine your potential client visiting your website.  They don’t know you yet, but they’re curious about what you offer.  They land on your Wheel of Life Assessment page and answer some simple questions.  At the end of the Wheel of Life Assessment, asks for their Name (required), their Email Address (required) and their Phone Number (optional) so you can send them their Wheel of Life Assessment results.  You can configure a really helpful Call to Action that appears in the report and also can appear on the Thank You page of the assessment.

The potential (or current) client receives your helpful recommendations and begins to form a connection with your products, programs and services.  Imagine how useful it will be to have your potential clients added to your Autoresponder so you can continue to communicate with them.  Can you see how valuable this capability is?

Wheel of Life Assessment