Wheel of Life Assessment

Wheel of Life Assessment an advanced version of our famous Wheel of Life plugin.

4.6.2 - April/14/2020

  • Improved error logging.

  • Improved license activation.

4.6 - February/25/2020

  • Drag drop question improvements

  • Delete question improvements

  • Added the ability to insert a question.

4.5 - February/25/2020

  • Added insert question

  • Updated to fix question drag drop related problem affecting other controls

  • Update delete of question.

4.2 - February/24/2020

  • Updated to fix drag drop related problem affecting other controls

4.1 - February/23/2020

  • Significant usability improvements.

  • Added drag drop question reordering.

  • Added the ability to delete one specific question.

3.7 - February/7/2020

  • Update autoresponder support.

  • Upgraded wheel graphic image to scale the category legend when more categories are added.

3.5 - January/20/2020

  • Add support for SendInBlue.com autoresponder

3.4.3 - January/4/2020

  • Updated Call To Action button HTML code to set cursor to pointer.
    Note: Google does not honor this setting and strips out cursor styles (I wish they left it alone...)

3.4.2 - January/2/2020

  • Updated Call to Action wrapper for Moderate report format.

3.4.1 - January/2/2020

  • Updated to correct Range 0-10 setting.

  • Updated Gap % reported.

3.4 - December/29/2019

Note: This is a reasonably important update.

  • Updated admin settings to include all strings presented to users (i18n).

  • Added new output report configuration options:
  • Minimal (almost no formatting in the output report)

  • Moderate (narrower output formatting)

  • Normal (the older default output)

  • Note: Output report formatting probably changed some with this update. Remember to check your results ... just in case.

  • Added the setting to disable automation on the client side.

3.3 - December/27/2019

  • Updated admin settings.

  • Corrected attempt to generate image with invalid input.
  • Wheel Graphic requires at least 3 configured questions

3.2 - December/25/2019

  • Updated image generation abilities.

3.1 - December/4/2019

  • Added new image option that includes both the accomplished goal as well as the desired target in the visual output.

  • Added transparent background for the generated image.

  • Added the option to use a prettier alpha setting on the generated image.

  • This is an important update if you are interested in improved image output.

2.16 - January/21/2018

  • Added configuration option for name email and phone placeholder values.

  • Added the ability to exclude name and email from user input.

  • Moved the option to exclude phone number to the block including name and email.

2.7.1 - October/19/2019

  • Fixed alternate mailer problem.

2.7 - October/19/2019

  • Added alternate mailer option to improve email deliverability on some systems.

2.6 - October/9/2019

  • Updated mailing code.

  • Improved logging of new contacts.

2.5.3 - September/4/2019

  • Minor update to autoresponder diagnostic information.

2.5.2 - September/4/2019

  • Added more autoresponder diagnostic information.

2.5.1 - September/3/2019

  • Disable email no longer disables autoresponder add requests.

2.5 - September/2/2019

  • Add optional email diagnostics for autoresponder add contact requests.

2.4.6 - August/19/2019

  • Update for Vbout autoresponder support.

2.4.5 - August/19/2019

  • Added Vbout.com autoresponder support.

  • Updated autoresponder code.

2.4.3 - July/30/2019

  • Fixed minor bug in Skip Legend/Title option.

  • Removed some of the explicit formatting sizes and styles in output report.

2.4.2 - July/29/2019

  • Added option to skip image legend and title.

  • Improved report formatting.

2.4.1 - July/25/2019

  • Added updates to use font size setting for output reports.

2.4 - July/23/2019

  • Added configuration options for report output and thank you page updates.

2.3 - July/19/2018

  • Added support for Byron.com Contact Console.

2.2.1 - June/12/2018

  • Updated support for alert messages when data is not saved.

2.2 - June/6/2018

  • Added support for MailerLite.com autoresponder.

2.1.8 - January/26/2018

  • Updated to go back to larger image with title. Customer requested.

2.1.7 - January/21/2018

  • Updated to synchronize changes with Life Assessment One plugin.

2.1.5 - January/17/2018

  • Updated generated image details.

  • Adjusted generated image size.

  • Corrected Show Assessment Report on Thank You Page handling.

2.1.4 - January/16/2018

  • Updated report to use user text for Feelings question.

2.1.3 - January/4/2018

  • Added tags to ActiveCampaign.com autoresponder extension.

2.1.2 - January/3/2018

  • Adjusted spacing of Assessment elements.

  • Added scroll question to top.

2.1.1 - January/2/2018

  • Updated Autoresponder Support

2.1 - December/26/2017

  • Updated copyright.

  • Updated autoresponder support.

  • Added ActiveCampaign autoresponder.

1.9.2 - October/8/2017

  • Enhanced the option to turn off sending email. Discovered a small oversight that required a minor code update.

1.9.1 - September/23/2017

  • Fixed bug in Wheel Graphic Above option.

1.9 - September/21/2017

  • Added font size option.

  • Added setting to disable phone number.

  • Modified font sizes on call to action.

1.8 - May/24/2017

  • Improved settings for YouTube video processing.

1.7.2 - May/17/2017

  • Added multiple Wheel of Life Assessment settings.

  • Added warning message if admin settings are not saved.

This is an important update if you want to include more than one Wheel of Life Assessment on your website.

1.6 - May/10/2017

  • Refreshed Buttons and included hover text settings

1.5.7 - May/9/2017

  • Improved (optional) image embed in user report. This looks much better!

1.5.6 - May/8/2017

Switched back to responsive Titles.

1.5.5 - May/7/2017

Internet Explorer 11 and Edge compatibility updates.
Including YouTube Video Handler.

1.5.4 - May/4/2017

Added a setting to remove question title text so the previously added auto-generated title string can be left off the assessment.

1.5.3 - May/4/2017

  • Added color background to question title block with no title string.

  • Simplified header processing for questions.

  • Improved code.

1.5.2 - May/4/2017

Reorganized and clarified Admin Settings.

It just makes more sense now.

1.5.1 - May/3/2017

An extraordinarily tiny CSS tweak. Overkill, YES. But I like it better.

1.5 - May/3/2017

Rewrote User Input checking for non HTML5 browsers. Now much improved.

1.4.6 - May/2/2017

Added User Input checking for non HTML5 browsers.

1.4.4 - May/2/2017

  • Added option to hide / disable the Satisfaction slider that asks How would you like to feel.

  • Added styling to contact table.

1.4.3 - May/1/2017

Decided to add box borders to images to match the appearance of Text only Color Block updates.

1.4.2 - May/1/2017

Appearance of Text only Color Blocks.

1.4.1 - April/28/2017

Tweaks to improve operation.
This is an important update.

1.4 - April/28/2017

Significant upgrade.

  • Configurable Introduction Page Heading.

    • Image background option.

    • Text title color with opion to turn off text and use Image only.

    • Color background option.

  • Video Introductions configurable for every question.

  • Configurable Text block for every question.

This is a significant upgrade with capabilities that present you to your clients and future clients much better.

1.3.3 - April/22/2017

Email output header text size grew so I needed to make the background taller to look decent.

1.3.2 - April/22/2017

Button font color when in hover state

1.3.1 - April/21/2017

Formatting of output report.
This is a minor update.

1.3 - April/21/2017

Formatting changes to coexist with themes better.....in other words, I had some issues with font sizes.

1.2 - April/21/2017

Added Display Cache

1.1 - April/21/2017

Major upgrade to the system.

  • System Defaults and Settings expanded to include most of the displayed text.
  • Added Call to Action and support

Check This Out!

1.0.1 - April/19/2017

Minor tweaks to make settings work better.

1.0 - April/19/2017

Significant Improvements.

This is Release Candidate 1

0.8 - April/18/2017

Significant Improvements.

This is the BETA 01 release.

0.2 - April/15/2017

Cleaned up default processing.

0.1 - April/15/2017

Development only version.

Requires: 5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 5.4
Last Updated: 2020-04-14 02:30:20pm