Life Assessment One

LifeShift Academy inspired Life Assessment One WordPress plugin. Get new clients.

4.6.5 - June/20/2020

  • --> Support Change.

4.6.2 - April/14/2020

  • Improved error logging.

  • Improved license activation.

4.6 - February/25/2020

  • Drag drop question improvements

  • Delete question improvements

  • Added the ability to insert a question.

4.2 - February/24/2020

  • Significant usability update for setting up the assessment.

  • Added drag drop question reordering.

  • Added the ability to delete one specific question.

3.1 - January/20/2020

  • Add support for autoresponder

2.7 - October/19/2019

  • Added alternate mailer to improve deliverability on some systems.

2.6 - October/9/2019

  • Updated mailing code.

  • Improved logging of new contacts.

2.5.3 - September/4/2019

  • Updated autoresponder support adding diagnostic option.

2.3.7 - August/19/2019

  • Added support for Vbout autoresponder.

  • Updated autoresponder support.

2.3 - July/19/2018

  • Added support for Contact Console.

2.2.1 - June/12/2018

  • Updated support for alert messages when data is not saved.

2.2 - June/6/2018

  • Added support for autoresponder.

2.1.7 - January/21/2018

  • Updated to synchronize changes with Wheel of Life Assessment plugin.

1.13.2 - January/4/2018

  • Added tags to autoresponder extension.

1.13.1 - January/2/2018

  • Updated Autoresponder Support

1.13 - December/26/2017

  • Updated copyright.

  • Updated autoresponder support.

  • Added ActiveCampaign autoresponder.

1.12 - October/8/2017

  • Added font size option.

  • Added setting to disable sending email

  • Modified to be similar to Wheel-Assessment

This is an important update if you want to include more than one Life Assessment One on your website.

1.11.1 - May/17/2017

  • Added multiple Assessment settings.

  • Added warning message if admin settings are not saved.

This is an important update if you want to include more than one Life Assessment One on your website.

1.10 - May/10/2017

  • Refreshed Buttons and included hover text settings

1.9.8 - May/8/2017

Switched back to responsive Titles.

1.9.7 - May/7/2017

Internet Explorer 11 and Edge compatibility updates.
Including YouTube Video Handler.

1.9.5 - May/6/2017

Internet Explorer 11 and Edge compatibility updates.

1.9.4 - May/4/2017

Font Size and weight adjustments to make things look better.

1.9.3 - May/4/2017

Added a setting to remove question title text so the previously added auto-generated title string can be left off the assessment.

1.9.2 - May/4/2017

  • Added color background to question title block with no title string.

  • Simplified header processing for questions.

  • Improved code.

1.9.1 - May/4/2017

Reorganized and clarified Admin Settings.

It just makes more sense now.

1.9 - May/3/2017

  • Added Title blocks

  • Added Custom titles

  • Added Subtitles (displayed on output report)

  • Added Image titles

  • Added Video explanation option

This is an important update for Life Assessment One!

1.8.6 - April/28/2017

Added cache clear on plugin activation.

1.8.5 - April/23/2017

Moved progress bar below the question & answer section.

1.8.4 - April/22/2017

Button font color when in hover state

1.8.3 - April/21/2017

Making the universe happy.

Actually, this was a picky little formatting thing that I wanted to update.

Making you even happier by my pickiness!

1.8.2 - April/21/2017

Minor formatting updates.

1.8.1 - April/21/2017

Minor formatting updates.

1.8 - April/21/2017

  • Added Call to Action

  • Added configurable button colors

  • Added configurable button text

  • Added option to include Life Assessment Report on the Thank You Page

1.7 - April/17/2017

Added display generation cache to speed up page load times and reduce system resources.

1.6 - April/16/2017

Ok....I'll have to admit that some of my recent updates are only GUI preferences. But this just looks better to me. I hope you like it too!

1.5 - April/16/2017

Updated number min max values for Admin Settings.

1.4 - April/15/2017

Improved look and feel in Admin Settings.
Improved look and feel on smaller screens.

1.3 - April/15/2017

Cleaned up default settings when no assessment has been configured (yet).

1.2 - April/14/2017

Updated CSS to be more theme compatible.

1.1 - April/13/2017

Updated to include all features.

Requires: 5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 5.4.2
Last Updated: 2020-06-20 05:03:04pm