Who is Byron.com ?

Byron.com – Life Coach Software Development and Web Hosting Specialist is a software development company!  We build WordPress plugins focusing on Life Coach Software!Byron.com - Life Coach Software Development and Web Hosting Specialist

We have WordPress plugins focused on Life Coaching.  These life skills are so important, we built our plugins to solve the problem of connecting with new clients and tracking progress.

Life Coach Software – Coaching Assessment  and Personal Development Tools

We developed the tools that you as a coach use to help your clients with personal growth and development.

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life and the Pro Version enable your coaching clients to visualize their progress as they work through your coaching program.  We always remember that a picture is worth at least 1000 words.  Wheel of Life gives you and your coaching clients the ability to see real life progress!

Life Assessment One

Life Shift can be thought of as a series of tests. We go from one test to another learning and growing from our mistakes. Sometimes we learn good things. Other times we learn things we don’t prefer and would rather avoid. Remember the multiple choice tests you took going through school? Some people loved multiple choice quizzes, others hated them. One thing to remember is that a multiple choice quiz gives you the option of several different answers. Each answer can help you clarify the value of the question.

Never forget, The Power of the Answer Depends on The Power of the Question

We like assessments so much that we made Life Assessment One available to you as well.
Life Assessment One

Wheel of Life Assessment

Imagine your potential client visiting your website.  They don’t know you yet, but they’re curious about what you offer.  They land on your Wheel of Life Assessment page and answer some simple questions.  At the end of the survey Wheel of Life Assessment asks for their Name (required), Email Address (required) and Phone Number (optional) so you can send customized Wheel of Life Assessment results to them.  You can configure a really helpful Call to Action that appears in the report and also can appear on the Thank You page of the assessment. Wheel of Life Assessment even includes the option to give your client video instructions. Amazing!
Wheel of Life Assessment

Video Marketing Tools

Evergreen Automated Greeting System and the Pro Version is very useful when you understand how important giving fresh content to your website visitors really is!  Each time they come back to your site they get a different video from you telling them something important they really need to know.

Evergreen Video Sales Letter and the Pro Version gives you the ability to present a sequence of four videos to your customer list.  You’ve seen video launch software from time to time when someone does a product launch.  Now you can have your own!

Evergreen Webinar Sales System and the Pro Version makes your WordPress website a webinar platform!  You can schedule an automated webinar to repeat up to five times in one day.   ….and!  You can schedule a repeat of the webinar on other days in the future.  That’s what EVERGREEN means!

Website Doctor by Byron.com

Website Doctor by Byron.com keeps your website running smoothly!

When you are ready to put up your WordPress website, remember we can help you with that too!

Byron.com is a leading web-hosting provider whose main concern is customer satisfaction.

Actively hosting key domains since 1997.

We combine our years of Internet experience with the latest in Internet technology to provide you with the fastest, most affordable, and sensible hosting experience available.  Whether you are a personal, small business, or corporate customer Byron.com has a solution that fits your needs.

What are your hosting policies ?

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What if we have more questions ?

  1. Questions regarding web-hosting may be directed to: hostme@byron.com
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