Who is Byron.com ?


Byron.com is a software development company!  Our stable of products currently focuses on WordPress Plugin development.  Initially focused on the Video Marketing niche.  We also have the tools that coaches use to help their clients with personal development.

Byron.com is a leading web-hosting provider whose main concern is customer satisfaction.

Actively hosting key domains since 1997.

We combine our years of Internet experience with the latest in Internet technology to provide you with the fastest, most affordable, and sensible hosting experience available.  With our redundant T-3 connections standard with all accounts bandwidth will never be a concern whether you are a personal, small business, or corporate customer.

What are your hosting policies ?

  1. We do not host any adult material.Any account found to contain adult material (whether pornographic or not) will be immediately disabled.
  2. We do not support SPAM.  Any account on Byron.Com used to send SPAM (unsolicited bulk E-mail – whether commercial or not) will be immediately disabled.
  3. Payment for your hosting service.  Accounts will be disabled for late payments.

What if we have more questions ?

  1. Questions regarding web-hosting may be directed to: hostme@byron.com
  2. Questions regarding web-design may be directed to: webdesign@byron.com
  3. Phone: 507-319-5788